Paramotor Courses in the UK

Discover all of the information about the Paramotor and ParaTrike Courses held in the UK and book a course that suits you. Our 2023 season is now over however you can subscribe to our WhatsApp News Group to receive our 2024 dates.

UK Courses

In the UK we run Paramotor and ParaTrike courses at Hinton Airfield in Northamptonshire near Brackley, just off Junction 11 of the M40.

The following information outlines the course options, fees, dates and local accommodation.

To discover more or to make a booking contact us.

Course Fees

  • Weekend Courses

    • Paramotor Taster Course - £350
    • Maintenance Workshop - £250

  • Beginner Courses

    • Beginner Paramotor Course - £1,095
    • Beginner ParaTrike Course - £1,295
  • Intermediate courses

    • Intermediate Paramotor Training - £150 a day
    • Intermediate ParaTrike Training - £200 a day
  • pilot courses split between uk and Europe

    • Paramotor Pilot Course - £2,095 (6 day Beginner course in the UK followed by 6 day Intermediate course in Europe)
    • ParaTrike Pilot Course - £2,295 (6 day Beginner course in the UK followed by 6 day Intermediate course in Europe)
  • The Course Fees Include

  • The Course Fees Do Not Include

    • Accommodation in the UK *
    • Food, Travel and Transport

    * Pilot Courses split between UK and Europe include 7 nights single accommodation

  • Accommodation

    Camping at Hinton Airfield costs £14 per night per person and includes use of the showers and toilets. Campervans are possible but there is no electrical hook up. Please email Natalie to make a booking. Her number is 01295 477 907. The cheapest hotel option is the Travel Lodge at the M40 Bicester Services, which is 20 minutes from the airfield. Other options are available on Airbnb and

UK 2023 Course Dates

Further Information

To book a course in the UK the deposit is £350. All UK courses start at 09:00 on Saturday and end in the late afternoon/early evening depending upon the weather. During the day please bring appropriate footwear (ankle supporting boots are recommended), water, food, suncream and suitable outdoor clothing, including a jacket and trousers as it can get cold while flying. The nearest train station is Banbury, which is an affordable 15 minute taxi journey. For further information or to make a booking contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time of the year do the Paramotoring and ParaTriking Courses run in the UK and why?

We run Paramotor Courses in the UK in June, July and August when the weather is usually at its best and most consistent.

Which are the nearest Train stations to the UK Paramotor Training site?

The nearest train stations to the UK Paramotor Training site are Kings Sutton and Banbury, which is an hour’s journey from Marylebone, London. From there, you can take a 20 minute taxi to Hinton Airfield.

What happens if the weather is bad in the UK during my Paramotoring or ParaTriking Course?

All Training days stay in credit for up to 2 years to be used at a later date. At the end of the Course, the SkySchool Team will confirm how many days you have in credit with us.

What are the benefits of Paramotor or ParaTrike Training in the UK vs Overseas?

The only benefit of training in the UK is that you do not have to travel as far, especially for those who live locally, as this saves them the cost of Travel and Accommodation. The UK is a great place to learn the basics, meet the SkySchool Team and make the most of the weather when it allows us to fly! However, the UK climate can never be relied upon to provide consistent weather, hence why we suggest you sit the Intermediate course in Portugal or Spain.

Is Accommodation included in the Course fee in the UK?

Accommodation is not included in the Course fee in the UK. There is the option to camp or to bring a campervan to Hinton Airfield, which has some basic facilities including bathrooms and a kitchen. Alternatively, you can stay off site in a wide range B&B’s or hotels that can be found on AirBnB and

How many flights can I expect to do on a Beginner Paramotoring or ParaTriking Course in the UK?

The number of Flights you can expect to do on a Beginner Course in the UK is 1 solo flight.

When do the Paramotor and ParaTrike Courses start and finish in the UK?

All UK Paramotor and ParaTrike Courses start at 9am on a Saturday. At the start of the course we end around 17:00 however when it is flyable we tend to meet earlier and finish later to take advantage of the best flying conditions. The Taster Courses only run over weekends and run from 9am to 5pm. Friday is the Team's day off.


The course struck the perfect balance between essential knowledge and practical skill training; when you're ready, the instructors will have no hesitation getting you in the sky and fully supporting you.

Nat Mortazavi

Published 31/08/22

What an experience!! The guys at Skyschool really showed their worth. Exceptional organising by Alex, on short notice to get me in on the 6 day course at Hinton.

Andy Coxon

Published 30/08/22

This was an amazing experience! I have always wanted to fly a Paramotor and the team from SkySchool UK made this possible. They make the training fun, enjoyable and easy to understand.

Charles Vernon

Published 28/07/22

I know I was probably one of the more challenging customers but my true gratitude goes out to Zeb and Ricardo who never gave up on me and went that extra mile to see me through.


Published 13/07/22

Great practical course backed up by a fantastic online training course which I will be referring back to for years to come! Both Alex and Zeb are first class instructors with the patience of saints.

Jock Alexander

Published 30/05/22

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