Paramotoring in Cornwall along the South West Coast Path

SWCP Challenge

In the summer of 2021 SkySchool, MD Alex Ledger and Adventurer George Bullard will attempt to run the South West Coast Path, England's longest National Trail. They aim to complete the 630-mile route in just over a month, starting in Minehead, Somerset on 10th June and finishing in Poole Harbour, Dorset hopefully around the middle of July. En route a team of SkySchool students, all of whom met through paramotoring, will be driving a couple of campervans packed full of paramotors and other adventure sports equipment, allowing them to stop off to take advantage of whatever the weather throws at them. Their aim is to raise funds for a variety of different charities while taking part in a truly homegrown adventure.

Get Involved

Anyone and everyone are invited to get involved for some socially distanced adventuring, whether that's to run, fly or just to say hi. The only request is a small donation for the charities we are raising money for, details of which will be released soon. To keep up to date with the project we suggest you follow SkySchool and George Bullard on Instagram and also subscribe to the SkySchool YouTube Channel. We are currently searching for sponsors, as well as potential flying and camping sites along the route, so to get involved contact us.

Alex & George: Runners

When not flying Alex is usually out trail running. He has completed a variety of different endurance challenges over the years but nothing like this! George is an explorer and a highly experienced endurance athlete, having completed several world record-breaking Expeditions. They met on the inaugural IGO Adventure Race in Norway in 2015, during which Alex taught George how to paraglide. This led to him learning how to paramotor with SkySchool a few years later and he is now an experienced pilot. They have both been fortunate enough to spend the winter in the Alps, which has been the ideal training ground for this challenge.

Alex: 07747 097 527

George: ‭07766 832 030‬

Oscar Manville-Hales: Media

Oscar is in charge of all Media content and is an experienced filmmaker. He learnt how to paramotor with SkySchool in June 2020 and has been producing content for us since. He will be releasing a regular vlog on SkySchool's YouTube Channel as well as managing all Social Media and Branded Content before, during and after the trip. He is also a passionate surfer and plans to take advantage of the good surf spots along the route while waiting for the runners to arrive.

Oscar: 07988 223 731

Jamie Campbell: Charities

Jamie is responsible for ensuring the charities we are raising funds for are represented appropriately. He learnt how to paramotor with SkySchool in 2013. He has subsequently been on nearly every single SkySchool course and trip since! He is an experienced paramotor and paraglider pilot, as well as a passionate skier. He aims to make up for the disappointment of his cancelled ski season in the Alps by doing as much flying as possible while using his Military efficiency to support the team throughout the challenge. He also cooks a mean steak!

Jamie: 07792 748 554

Toby Drax: Communities

Toby is responsible for liaising with the paramotoring, trail running, climbing, kayaking and surfing communities who we are inviting to join us during the challenge. Toby first did a tandem flight with Alex in Dorset in 2012, he then learnt how to Paramotor in 2015. He has joined us on several SkyWeek Trips since and regularly helps out with teaching new students in the school. As the driver of the campervan with all of the kit, he has possibly the most important job of them all, which is to ensure the team have fully fuelled paramotors to fly when conditions allow.

Toby: ‭07979 693 719‬


Outdoor Active is Europe's largest Outdoor platform. Their app is the ideal tool for the team to plan the daily start and finish points, navigate along the correct trails and record their track. They also have a great feature known as the Buddy Beacon, which will allow the support team to know exactly where Alex and George are at all times. SkySchool is the main sponsor of this project as it embodies exactly what we represent as a company. If these Covid times have taught us anything it is not to take our freedom for granted. This challenge allows us to showcase just how important being free in the outdoors is, not only for physical health but also for mental wellbeing. Trail running and paramotoring are two of the best ways to achieve this and complement each other perfectly depending upon the weather. To discuss branded content in exchange for sponsorship contact us.


The SWCP Team will be raising funds for 5 different charities which we have chosen for a variety of different reasons. Alex Ledger has chosen to raise funds for two charities, Man Down, which supports men's mental health in Cornwall, and Friends of Cornwall SSAFA, the Armed Forces Charity. George has chosen to raise funds for the Brains Trust, which is supporting a close friend of his suffering from Brain cancer. We will be adding two more charities soon, as well as a link to make donations. If you have any questions regarding the charities we are fund raising for contact us.

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