Paramotoring Season Closes in the UK with a Huge Success!

We had a great end to the UK season in Oxfordshire followed by a fantastic SkyWeek trip through France with five perfect flying days in a row. However, time seems to be moving faster and faster as we are already halfway through our Autumn season in Italy! It's only when we look back do we realise just how fantastic a year 2019 has been for us with a record number of students trained and some amazing flying experiences shared. It's not over yet as we still have 4 weeks of training in Spain from 20th Oct - 17th Nov with a few slots still available. To reserve one contact us on or +44 7568 135820.

Paramotoring Season Ends with SkySchool in the UK in September.

Sadly, as with every year, Winter is Coming! To escape the bleak months of Europe why not take a leaf out of our book and make the most of the rolling sand dunes and remote coastline of Ras Al Khamiah. There is no better place with more reliable weather at this time of the year, making it the perfect location for Paramotoring. We still have slots on courses between 22nd Nov - 18th December and 31st January - 26th February 2020. If you’re interested contact us on or +44 7568 135820.

SkySchool Still has courses in Paramotoring in Spain

Our 2020 dates have not been published yet, however, we already have more than 75 people who have registered an interest! If you would like to put your name down on the 2020 list contact Alex directly on

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