SkySchool's 2020 Covid Season

In 2020 we saw a huge increase in the number of enquiries and booking for our Paramotor courses, especially during the lockdown period during the Spring months. We were worried that Covid would have the opposite effect and cause people to no longer wish to learn how to fly, however, we could not have been more wrong!

During the lockdown SkySchool, MD Alex Ledger was in Chamonix and managed to take advantage of the spare time to work on the Online Theory course. The course as already in existence but without any films of the lectures. Along with his friend Jake Holland, who had filmed all of SkySchool’s Top Tips episodes, Alex managed to film all of the lectures in only one day in a very cold and damp garage beneath his old chalet. Jake had set up a green screen which allowed him to superimpose diagrams, photos and videos behind Alex while he was giving the lecture. The end result was a very polished series of films which have helped make the Online Theory Course what it is today. We have received some great feedback from a large number of students, all of whom have found the course extremely informative and helpful when preparing for their practical training with us. You can see more about the Online Theory course here:

Due to the travel restrictions we could not run our Spring courses in Spain and Portugal, however, the moment these were lifted in late June Alex and Rob jumped on the first Easyjet flight down to Malaga and brought all of the equipment back to the UK. The start of the UK season saw some amazing weather and we very much made the most of it, with a record number of students managing to complete their first solo flight in the UK.

Halfway through the UK season, we ran a very successful trip to the D-Day Battlefields during a heatwave before returning to the inevitable unstable UK weather in August. We took advantage of any flying opportunities that came our way but it was quite apparent that those who had booked the Pilot course would not be able to complete it in time before we returned to the continent. Fortunately, Portugal was on the ‘safe countries’ list so, after a really enjoyable SkyWeek France, where we flew every single day, we were joined by a lot of our UK summer students on the sunny beaches north of Lisbon. This film shows just how good the flying was:

Originally we had planned to run a month of training at Lake Bornos in Spain but we only had time to run 2 weeks of training before Covid forced the country back into another lockdown. Our next port of call was Dubai, which luckily did not have the same restrictions. The weather in the UAE is ideal for paramotoring from October until early April, which is when Europe shuts down, and it’s always great fun flying over the desert. The sport is becoming more and more popular over there, not just amongst the ex-pat community but also the UAE Nationals. They particularly like the shiny new kit and there’s nothing shinier than a Parajet Maverick Moster 185+:

We still don’t know what Covid has in store for us in 2021, however, we are confident that we will be able to get more and more people flying. At the end of the day, Paramotoring offers people an escape from what’s going down below and we can’t think of any better way to self-isolate!

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