Stories from The SkySchool Family: Introducing Ed

'There was a defining moment, as I was flicking through images on SkySchool's Instagram in the back of a knackered Toyota Land Cruiser surrounded by a team of heavily armed Somali militia, that I couldn’t help but think I was in the wrong profession…"

Even in that hostile environment these images brought with them a nostalgia of my first ever flight over the rolling hills of south Wiltshire. It was 2012 and being fortunate enough to have 1 on 1 paragliding instruction with my best mate Harry Amos and coupled with amazing weather and perfect flying conditions I took to the air. Even now I can still feel the incredible weightlessness of flight and the undeniable joy of seeing the world unroll before me.

Introducing Ed, SkySchool's newest Paramotoring Trainer

Having served with Harry over several years in the British Army and two tours of Afghanistan we had become incredibly good friends. It was therefore a natural progression that I would come to meet Alex Ledger and by now, having the taste and developing passion for flying, look to take these new found skills to the next level under his guidance.

So inevitably I find myself 1000m above Chamonix with the resplendent Mt Blanc glimmering in the background and a feeling of absolute serenity. I can hear the wind whistling through the lines as I bank left and then right, slowly descending through the fresh Alpine air and for those few, precious minutes I don’t believe I had a care in the world. It was at this point I realised that this sport was for me and I haven’t looked back since. Needless to say it has taken a few years for the vicissitudes of life to bring me to where we are now and ultimately the creation of SkyOps Executive with two of my original Instructors and best friends.

Paramotoring Training with Ed at SkySchool

So I guess this journey has allowed us develop the ethos behind SkyOps. From the delivery of adventurous SkyWeek expeditions to the creation of new SkySchool Franchises around the world, we are fortunate enough to not only share amazing experiences with like minded people, but also empower them with the necessary skills and expertise so they too can become part of the SkySchool Family. As Managing Director it is my responsibility to make both of these things happen efficiently and professionally around the world.

So if you are thinking of learning to fly, already fly and looking to take it to the next level or simply want to know more about how to get involved with the SkySchool Family please do get in touch.

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