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Stories from the Sky are some of the amazing Flying adventures experienced by our team and friends over the years.

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Stories from the Sky allows you to tag along with some amazing adventures experienced by our team and friends.When you join SkySchool, we hope you join our family.

Harry's Story

Introducing Harry at SkySchoolIn the first episode of our new series titled "Stories from the SkySchool Family", Alex introduced me and now it is my pleasure to introduce another of our growing team of aviators, Harry Amos - Non Executive Director of SkyOps Executive Ltd. Without further ado, here's Harry to share some of his adventures!

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Introducing Ed

Introducing Ed, Skyschool's Newest member of familyWe are embarking on a new series titled 'Stories from the SkySchool Family". Our Esteemed Ed Robinson who runs our SkyOps Division, will be hosting this new series and apart from some of the tantalising and memorable tales from our team, we would love for you to spread your wings and share with us some of your flying stories which will form part of this series.

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