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The biggest problem with any passionate Paramotorist living in the UK is the weather during the winter! The days are short, damp and more often than not depressing. However, they also provide an opportunity for Paramotor Pilots to improve not only their Paramotoring knowledge but also their safety.

SkySchool CFI Ricardo Maciel is from Brazil and during the European Winter he would usually return to the land of his birth where he would fly almost every day along seemingly deserted beaches. All of this ended due to Covid and in November 2021 he found himself back in the UK on the cold, windswept and completely deserted ex WW2 airfield which we call our home. However instead of being alone he was surrounded by six people who were hanging off his every world. This was because he was running our first ever Paramotor Maintenance Workshop.

Ricardo is a level 3 Vittorazi Mechanic, which is the highest level you can reach outside of the factory. Due to his unique skill set we decided to run a series of Maintenance Workshops for ex students who had their own Paramotors with Vittorazi engines so they could not only have them serviced but also develop the skills to do so themselves. Suffice to say these workshops were a huge success and we intend to run them at the end of each season so others can not only increase their knowledge but ultimately their safety as well.

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