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Improvise, Adapt and Overcome our Paramotoring Trip in FranceParamotoring over France with SkySchool

In early August we had planned to visit the D-Day Beaches on a SkyWeek Trip that we’ve been running for the last 10 years. Sadly the weather forecast in the build up to the trip was not looking good due to strong winds over the northern part of France. After consulting the group of 8 pilots the general consensus was to improvise, adapt and overcome by catching an earlier ferry and heading deep in central France. Discover how we did this in our latest Paramotoring Blog.

Our Paramotoring Jubilee PPG TripParamotoring in along the Cornish coastline with SkySchool

In early June we took full advantage of the beautiful weather to Paramotor from Dorset to Lands End while meeting up with some of our ex-SkySchool students during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend. See how we celebrated this wonderful and once in a lifetime occasion in traditional paramotoring style!

Paramotoring Trip Over BrazilParamotoring in Brazil with SkySchool

Discover how we all got on Paramoroting in Brazil with the Brazilian born Instructor Ricardo Maciel. We have been trying to run SkyWeek trips for qualified pilots in Brazil for a while but this has been extremely hard in the last two years for obvious reasons. However with the relaxation of travel restrictions we jumped on the opportunity and with only two months notice managed to fully book the trip, which ran from 1st - 10th April. Visit us and find out how we did on our Brazilian Paramotoring Trip this year

Latest Paramotoring News Over WinterParamotoring with SkySchool's Paramotoring School in 2021

Winter is always an interesting time of the year for us because it’s officially our downtime as we wind down from the previous season and start to prepare for the forthcoming one. Covid managed to scupper last year's plans to run SkyWeek Trips in Brazil and Namibia however there now seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Discover more about our Winter Paramotoring Activities and find out what's in store in the coming months

Paramotoring Maintenance Workshops

The biggest problem with any passionate Paramotorist living in the UK is the weather during the winter! The days are short, damp and more often than not depressing. However, they also provide an opportunity for Paramotor Pilots to improve not only their Paramotoring knowledge but also their safety. Find out more about our Paramotoring Maintenance Workshops and discover how our workshops can help you and keep your paramotors in excellent condition.

2021 Paramotoring Season Round UpParamotoring with SkySchool's Paramotoring School in 2021

Discover how SkySchool has got on over the course of 2021 with our Paramotoring School and see what we have been up to! From a bad start as Covid hit our plans in Portugal to successfully teaching over 400 students to learn how to Paramotor. We want to thank everyone for all your support over the year. Read our latest article on how our Paramotoring School has got on over 2021.

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