Battlefields from the sky

The first half of last century was torn apart by two major World Wars and we still see the remnants of the effects etched into the landscape where the battles were fought.

In remembrance of the men who laid down their lives on what is now sombre ground, SkySchool has been running Paramotor Trips to the WW1 and WW2 Battlefields in northern Europe since 2010.

The last trip we did was certainly auspicious, with several members of the group having had family connections who fought in the war. One of whom was Jamie Campbell whose great uncle received one of the most prestigious awards - the Victoria Cross - in 1916, just 500 metres away from where we took off. In this video you can see the poignancy of the trip for him.

By now you should be familiar with Cayle Royce, a double amputee who has more flying stripes under his belt than most able-bodied pilots. Hailing from South Africa, he visited his country’s memorial at Delville Wood on the ground having taken in the perspective of this hallowed turf from the sky using his ParaTrike.

Paramotoring over the Battle of the Somme

Paramotors lend themselves to a third dimensional view of infamous battlefields and give us the means to see these historical locations from a different perspective. For this reason we are visiting the D Day Battlefields over the 73rd Anniversary of the battle.

This occasion is a great way to learn more about an important part of our history and we hope to run more Battlefield Tours in the future.

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