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Stories from the Sky allows you to tag along with some amazing adventures experienced by our team and friends. Looking forward to seeing you on future expeditions!

Flying for HerosA Brow Shaves the Day

Just one of many memorable flights.

It was August 2014 and we were about to puncture through some very thick clouds having taken off from The Great Rift Valley in Kenya for what would turn out to be an epic African adventure. Conditions above the clouds were near perfect as we navigated our way to our illustrious 5-star safari lodge. Alas, with any good adventure, drama is always hiding behind the silver lining. On day 12, a ground support vehicle went missing…

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A Hangover and Atrocious Weather

Epic is most certainly the quintessential description when it comes to many of our trips and adventures. Flying the length of the UK from John O'Groats to Lands End in July 2016 in 7 days is one that definitely stands out.

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Battlefields from the Sky

The first half of last century was torn apart by two major World Wars and we still see the remnants of the effects etched into the landscape where the battles were fought. In remembrance of the men who laid down their lives on what is now somber ground, SkySchool has been running Paramotor Trips to the WW1 and WW2 Battlefields in northern Europe since 2010.

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