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Stories from the Sky are some of the amazing Flying adventures experienced by our team and friends over the years.

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Prepping for SkyWeek Brazil

Ricardo Maciel, SkySchool's resident Master instructor, has just returned from his home town of Rio De Janeiro where he has been busy preparing for our next expedition, SkyWeek Brazil!

This is a trip which aims to combine our love of flying with discovering the natural vibe of Brazilian culture by introducing you to new people and extraordinary new places.

Read more about SkyWeek Brazil.

What do SkySchool get up to during the Winter months?!

We are often asked what we get up to during the Winter months when not running Paramotor Courses or Trips in Europe. The answer is, quite a lot…. Ever since Alex started SkySchool in 2005 he has escaped the UK during the winter months. At first it was to fly in new and exciting locations, predominantly in South America and Asia, however in 2009 he founded APPI PPG.

Read more about SkySchool's Winter Hibernation.

2022 Paramotoring Season Round UpSkySchool Paramotoring Team - SkyWeek Brazil

We started off with our first ever SkyWeek Brazil trip run by Ricardo in April. This proved to be a very popular trip with 12 pilots flying pretty much everyday along the stunning coastline north of Rio de Janeiro. Every single one of them had managed to fly to Brazil and back with their Parajet Mavericks packed down in their Travel Cases. Due to its success we are running two SkyWeek Brazil trips in April 2023.

Read more about our 2022 Paramotoring Season.

End of Season Spot Landing Competition and BBQSpot Landing Competition

The 2022 UK season consisted of 17 weeks of training, which is a SkySchool record. As usual, we experienced many highs and lows, especially during the unprecedented heatwave which made training very challenging but also brought some amazing flying conditions very early and late in the day. On the whole, the season was a huge success and you can read more on our end-of-season spot landing competition and BBQ.

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome our Paramotoring Trip in FranceParamotoring over France with SkySchool

In early August we had planned to visit the D-Day Beaches on a SkyWeek Trip that we’ve been running for the last 10 years. Sadly the weather forecast in the build up to the trip was not looking good due to string winds over the northern part of France. After consulting the group of 8 pilots the general consensus was to improvise, adapt and overcome by catching an earlier ferry and heading deep in central France.

Discover how we had to improvise adapt and overcome these issues in our latest Paramotoring Blog.

Our Paramotoring Jubilee PPG TripParamotoring in along the Cornish coastline with SkySchool

Discover how we took full advantage of the beautiful weather in Cornwall to do some paragliding and meeting up with some of our ex-SkySchool students during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend.

Join us today and see how we celebrated this wonderful and once in a lifetime occasion in our traditional paramotoring style!

Paramotoring Trip Over BrazilParamotoring in Brazil with SkySchool

Discover how we all got on Paramoroting over Brazil with the Brazilian born Instructor Ricardo Maciel. We have been trying to run SkyWeek trips for qualified pilots in Brazil for a while but this has been extremely hard in the last two years or obvious reasons. However with the relaxation of travel restrictions we jumped on the opportunity and with only two months notice managed to fully book the trip, which ran from 1st - 10th April.

Visit us and find out how we did on our Brazilian Paramotoring Trip this year

Paramotoring Over WinterParamotoring with SkySchool's Paramotoring School in 2021

Winter is always an interesting time of the year for us because it’s officially our downtime as we wind down from the previous season and start to prepare for the forthcoming one. Covid managed to scupper last year's plans to run SkyWeek Trips in Brazil and Namibia however there now seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Discover more about our Winter Paramotoring Activities and find out what's in store in the coming months

Paramotoring Maintenance Workshops

The biggest problem with any passionate Paramotorist living in the UK is the weather during the winter! The days are short, damp and more often than not depressing. However, they also provide an opportunity for Paramotor Pilots to improve not only their Paramotoring knowledge but also their safety.

Find out more about our Paramotoring Maintenance Workshops and discover how our workshops can help you and keep your paramotors in excellent condition.

2021 Paramotoring Season Round UpParamotoring with SkySchool's Paramotoring School in 2021

Discover how SkySchool has got on over the course of 2021 with our Paramotoring School and see what we have been up to! From a bad start as Covid hit our plans in Portugal to successfully teaching over 400 students to learn how to Paramotor. We want to thank everyone for all your support over the year.

Visit our latest article on how our Paramotoring School has got on over 2021.

Latest Press Release from Country LifeAlex Ledger and George Bullard celebrating completing the SWCP Challenge 2021

Rosie Paterson, from Country Life, has written an article in August, interviewing George Bullard about the South West Coast Path Challenge that he and Alex Ledger undertook in July this year.

To find out more about the article from Country Life, please read more about how they got on on the South West Coast Path challenge.

Paramotoring is the hottest Adventure ActivityAshwin Bhardwaj paramotoring with SkySchool

Ashwin Bhardwaj, a travel writer from The Daily Telegraph, has recently written an article about his Paramotoring experiences over the summer with SkySchool. Have a read of a first hand report on what he discribes as "The hottest Adventure Activity this summer".

Discover how he got on during SkyWeek D-Day

Completing the SWCP ChallengeTake part in the SWCP Challenge 2021!

I discovered the SWCP in 2010 when I ran my first Ultra Marathon from Lulworth Cove to Poole Harbour. As I sat, completely knackered, underneath the SWCP marker at the end of Studland Beach my running partner told me the trail was 630 mile long and went all the way to Minehead. This was the spark that inspired me, 11 years later, to make a plan to run it.

Discover how we got on at the SWCP Challenge

Exciting News: SWCP Challenge

Flying, surfing, kayaking and climbing, Alex and George will take part in the South West Coast Path Challenge from Minehead, Somerset to Poole, Dorest supported by a team of Skyschool Students. All to raise money for Charity

Read more about our South West Coast Path Challenge 2021

Stories from the Sky -2021 Season Plans

Despite our optimism, Covid Travel Restrictions mean we will not able to run our courses as planned in Portugal in May. It’s a big shame as we were really looking forward to getting back there, plus the courses were fully booked. However, all is not lost as we plan to start running courses in the UK earlier than scheduled. We will officially reopen the school at Hinton in the Hedges on the 17th May.

Learn more about our 2021 Paramotor Season Plans

SkySchool’s 2020 Covid Season

2020 - What a year, we launched out Online Theory course, had an explosion in enquiries and managed to run some pretty awe-inspiring courses in Portugal. From being locked down in Chamonix to no lockdown at all in Dubai - we certainly got about despite the odds

Read more about Paramotoring in COVID-19 News update.

Coronavirus and Paramotoring in March UpdateDiscover how your Paramotoring Course may be affected by the Coronavirus with SkySchool

An update on how the Coronavirus may have affected some of our Paramotoring Courses in Spain and the UK.

Find out more by reading our latest update from our Paramotoring in March News update.

Paramotoring Away from Storm CiaraParamotoring Adventures with SkySchool

2020 has started really well, wherever we have travelled the weather has been amazing for flying until of course, we came back to Storm Ciara!

Find out more by reading our latest News on our Paramotoring Adventures here today.

Learn to Paramotor with SkySchool in the UKDiscover Paramotoring Courses with SkySchool in the UK

Try something new and contact us today and book a Paramotoring Training Course with SkySchool in the UK. Read what you could be getting up to this year with our Paramotoring Training School.

Find out more by reading our latest News on Paramotoring Courses here today.

Paramotoring Catch Up For Christmas 2019!

It’s always nice to look back and reflect on the year that has passed and what an action-packed year it has been! It’s also Alex Ledger’s 15th year of running SkySchool. So come and join us to discover what we have been up to and what we are looking forward come 2020!

Find out more by reading our latest Paramotoring Adventure

Fresh from an SIV Course in TurkeySkySchool's Latest Newsletter for November 2019

The SkySchool and SkyOps team have recently returned from Old Deniz, Turkey where they were part of an SIV course run by top British Acro pilot Jack Pimblett. It was an awesome experience which we hope to repeat next year as every Paramotor pilot should do one to improve their skills, knowledge and safety. Keep an eye on the SkySchool YouTube Channel for the SIV film which we will release soon!

Find out more by reading our November Paramotoring Newsletter!

UK Season Closes With Success!SkySchool's Latest Newsletter for September 2019

We had a great end to the UK season in Oxfordshire followed by a fantastic SkyWeek trip through France with five perfect flying days in a row. However, time seems to be moving faster and faster as we are already halfway through our Autumn season in Italy! It's only when we look back do we realise just how fantastic a year 2019 has been for us with a record number of students trained and some amazing flying experiences shared.

Find out more by reading our September Paramotoring Newsletter!

Paramotoring in August!SkySchool's Latest Newsletter for August 2019

We are now more than half the way through the 2019 European Season and what a season it has been! Many congratulations to ex-student Alex Huxham who managed to win the Icarus X Trophy and came to share his experience with us at the beginning of the UK season. The weather in July was mostly kind to us in Wiltshire and we managed to do a lot of flying with several students attaining their APPI PPG Pilot license.

Discover More by visiting our August Paramotoring Newsletter!

We're Back in the UK for more Paramotoring Courses!SkySchool's Latest Newsletter for June 2019

The SkySchool Team are now back in the UK running courses in Wiltshire. We are pretty much fully booked and hoping the weather plays ball! Come and find out what June has been like for us in Italy with our Paramotoring Courses!

Latest News from our Paramotoring Schools in Europe

The last few weeks have been full on with the SkySchool and SkyOps Team scattered around the world! Ricardo, Dan, Rob and Tom have been running courses in Italy, Ed and Harry have been in the Middle East doing a recce (watch this space!) and Alex has been running an APPI PPG Instructor Workshop in Albania.

Discover more by visiting our latest Paramotoring Newsletter for May.

Kicking Off The 2019 European Flying Season A Week In The Life of SkySchool

We have now officially kicked off the 2019 European Paramotoring Season with 2 weeks flying down in Malaga, Spain where we are running 2 weeks of courses followed by SkyWeek Spain. We have also launched a new YouTube Series called "A Week in the Life of SkySchool", showcasing what our range of eclectic students get up to with us every week.

Discover more by visiting our April Paramotoring Activities.

Andrew's IcariusX Race with SkySchoolAndrew Scaramanga & X-Race UK

We also have stories from friends I would like to share with you and hope you enjoy the piece written by Andrew Scaramanga who was one of SkySchool’s first ever students back in 2005.

Before we get on to Andrews rendition of his X-Race in the UK, it would be great for you to share Stories from the Sky with your friends and colleagues, which you can do here.

Discover how Andrew got on at the X-Race UK

Harry's Story

Introducing Harry at SkySchoolIn the first episode of our new series titled "Stories from the SkySchool Family", Alex introduced me and now it is my pleasure to introduce another of our growing team of aviators, Harry Amos - Non Executive Director of SkyOps Executive Ltd. Without further ado, here's Harry to share some of his adventures!

Read more from Paramotoring adventure.

Introducing Ed

Introducing Ed, Skyschool's Newest member of familyWe are embarking on a new series titled 'Stories from the SkySchool Family". Our Esteemed Ed Robinson who runs our SkyOps Division, will be hosting this new series and apart from some of the tantilising and memorable tales from our team, we would love for you to spread your wings and share with us some of your flying stories which will form part of this series.

Discover more about Ed's Paramotoring Travels

A Brow Shaves the DayFlying for Heros - A Bro Shaves the Day at SkySchool

It was August 2014 and we were about to puncture through some very thick clouds having taken off from The Great Rift Valley in Kenya for what would turn out to be an epic African adventure. Conditions above the clouds were near perfect as we navigated our way to our illustrious 5-star safari lodge. Alas, with any good adventure, drama is always hiding behind the silver lining…

Read more about this Paramotoring flight.

Learning to Paramotor with SkySchoolLove at First Flight

Imagine this scene, pine trees as far as the eye can see. In fact Cayle Royce, a double amputee who had taken part in the 2014 Flying for Heroes expedition, is seeing the tips of the pines as far as his eyes can see in this sea of green with a seized engine. He takes a tight left turn having spotted the only viable landing option within reach…

Learn more about our Love of Paramotoring.

A Hangover and Atrocious Weather A Hangover and Atrocious Weather

Epic is most certainly the quintessential description when it comes to many of our trips and adventures. Flying the length of the UK from John O'Groats to Lands End in July 2016 in 7 days is one that definitely stands out.

Find out more from our Paramotoring Pilots

Battlefields from the Sky with SkySchoolBattlefields from the Sky

The first half of last century was torn apart by two major World Wars and we still see the remnants of the effects etched into the landscape where the battles were fought. In remembrance of the men who laid down their lives on what is now sombre ground, SkySchool has been running Paramotor Trips to the WW1 and WW2 Battlefields in northern Europe since 2010.

Discover more from our Paramotoring Tour of the Battlefields.

Simon Walker about his SkyWeek

We recently completed our first epic SkyWeek adventure and Simon Walker has kindly agreed to share his experience with you. Enjoy! - By Simon Walker. "A group of us joined Alex and the SkySchool team in France for their inaugural SkyWeek this summer, first flying around Chateauneuf-en-Auxois in Burgundy before relocating to Chamonix. Great banter, too much red wine, and some memorable flights!

Discover more from Simon Walker's Paramotoring Adventures.

Jamie Campbell's Paramotoring Training Advice on the UK or AbroadJamie Campbell's Training - UK or Abroad?

Today we have esteemed Jamie Campbell sharing with us his experiences in paramotor training and the million pound question. To train here in the UK or abroad? I trust you will find his insights and humour enlightening. To discover more from Jame Campbell, read more about his Paramotoring Experiences.

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