Icarus Trophy 2015

Icarus Trophy

Cayle and Seth RoyceIn 2015 SkySchool MD Alex Ledger and Instructor Kester Haynes were part of the Race Committee for the inaugural Icarus Trophy run by The Adventurists. The race consisted of 25 pilots attempting to fly 1300k down the western coastline of the USA, from Seattle to Sacramento. It was the first time a long distance air race of this kind had ever been attempted. There were two categories, the Race Class, which was unsupported meaning pilots had to carry everything they needed during the race, and the Adventure Class, which allowed pilots to be supported by a ground crew. The Race Class was won by Aussie Dave Wainwright who completed the course in a staggering 2.5 days! The Adventure Class consisted of more than 20 pilots, 6 of whom had trained with SkySchool over the previous 9 months, including Cayle Royce, a double amputee who had taken part in the 2014 Flying for Heroes expedition. Supported by his brother Seth and flying a specially modified ParaTrike made by Parajet, Cayle completed the route in 10 days. Cayle's amazing achievement was made possible by support from the charity Help for Heroes and we hope it inspires other disabled people to learn how to fly.

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