Flying for Heroes Expedition

Flying for Heroes

Flying for Heroes was founded by SkySchool MD Alex Ledger after his friend Cayle Royce lost both of his legs in an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2012. With the support of Help for Heroes, Alex and Kester trained a group of Wounded, Injured and Sick Service Personnel, including Cayle, how to fly three Xcitor ParaTrikes in Spain in July 2014. The following month the Team embarked on an epic three week Expedition in Kenya where they flew up the Great Rift Valley, finishing at the foot of Mt Kenya. The following year Cayle and his brother Seth learned how to fly a solo ParaTrike in Spain and in October Cayle competed in the Icarus Trophy Pioneers event. Due to our experience of working with British Service Personnel we now offer them discounts on our Paramotor courses. SkySchool continues to plan challenging adventures and expeditions around the world with other Wounded, Injured and Sick Service Personnel.

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