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Paramotoring Taster Courses

Paragliding in Wiltshire with SkySchool UKSkySchool runs 1 and 2 Day Paramotoring Taster Courses in Mere, Wiltshire. These Paramotor Courses follow the first two days of the APPI PPG syllabus, which can be seen below. They are designed for complete beginners who wish to experience the sport of Paramotoring. They offer a good insight into the sport and allow students to learn the basic skills required to fly. During the Paramotor Taster Course, the aim is to get the student off the ground while flying a Paramotor, either undertow or from a hill. If the weather allows, we can complete a tandem flight.

Course Prices and Dates

SkySchool runs Group Taster Courses and prices are available upon request. The Paramotoring Course Fee includes all equipment, fuel and oil. It does not include transport, accommodation, food or insurance. Taster Courses for Paramotoring only take place in Mere, Wiltshire over the weekends when we are running Paramotoring Beginner Courses

Further Information

Students should meet us outside the Co-Op in Mere at 09:30. You can visit our Accommodation and Travel information for more details about how to find us and where to stay for the duration of the course. To make a booking or enquire about the Course Prices and availability contact SkySchool.

APPI PPG Pilot License SyllabusGround Handling with SkySchool

Introductory Course: Days 1 and 2

1. Introduction and completion of all paperwork

2. Lecture 1: Theory of Flight

3. Introduction to the Wing and Harness

4. Untangling, folding and care of the Wing

5. Wearing the harness, clipping into the wing and 6 point checks

6. Forward and Reverse launch training

7. Ground Handling Training

8. Hand Towing Training no higher than 30ft

OPTIONAL: Student Training Flights in a Tandem Paramotor at any time during the course

OPTIONAL: Low hops from no higher than 250ft having completed the above training

9. Motor Safety Check List

10. Safe Starting Procedures with electric and/or pull start Paramotors

11. Wearing the motor and running it

12. Hang Tests, Adjustments, Reserve Practice Deployments and Pre Solo Flight Simulation

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