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Paramotoring Instructors

APPI LogoSkySchool MD Alex Ledger is the Founder and Secretary of APPI PPG, the International Paramotor Association responsible for qualifying Paramotor Pilots and Instructors. Alex developed the APPI PPG & ParaTrike Training Systems to improve the safety and professionalism of the sports around the world. APPI PPG & ParaTrike Workshops can be arranged by contacting SkySchool.

There are three APPI PPG Instructor Licenses:

1. APPI PPG Assistant Instructor

2. APPI PPG Instructor

3. APPI PPG Master Instructor

APPI PPG Assistant Instructor Course

The key to the APPI PPG Instructor Training System is the Assistant Instructor Course, as it allows pilots to gain the first Instructor qualification. After the course, APPI PPG Assistant Instructors are capable of providing PPG Students with quality knowledge and skill development during APPI programs and courses, while under the supervision of a Certified APPI PPG Instructor.

APPI PPG Instructor Course

Once qualified as an APPI Assistant Instructor, the Instructor needs to gain experience by working in a Paramotor school for at least 12 months before sitting an APPI PPG Instructor Course. During this course, the Assistant Instructor will be assessed both practically and theoretically. An APPI PPG Instructor is a role model who has a high level of experience and knowledge of PPG skills, theory and instruction. APPI PPG Instructors may set up their own APPI PPG School and conduct APPI PPG Open Sky courses, APPI PPG Adventure Courses and APPI PPG Pilot Courses. APPI PPG Instructors may also become speciality instructors.

APPI PPG Master Instructor Course

An APPI PPG Master Instructor is a highly experienced and knowledgeable instructor, with exemplary PPG skills, theory and instruction. APPI PPG Master Instructors may run APPI PPG Instructor courses and qualify APPI PPG Assistant Instructors and APPI PPG Instructors. APPI PPG Master Instructor Development consists of assisting APPI PPG Master Instructors during APPI PPG Assistant Instructor courses and APPI PPG Instructor Courses, before being assessed at their ability to run both of these courses by two different APPI PPG Master Instructors.

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