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Paramotor Equipment

SkySchool isn't only a Paramotor School, we also distribute the best Paramotors, Paragliders and Accessories on the market. Due to our experience we know what is suitable for each individual and can advise each Pilot accordingly. We also have a wide range of Equipment that can be tested first, allowing Pilots to Fly before they Buy! To discuss what would be suitable for you or to arrange a test flight contact us.

When buying Equipment from us we provide the following:

  1. Discounted Kit and Training Packages

  2. Assistance with running in your Paramotor free of charge

  3. Introduction to your wing and set up of your reserve free of charge

  4. Discounts on Paramotor Courses and SkyWeek Trips

  5. After sales support on Warranty Claims free of charge


SkySchool distributes Parajet Paramotors. The Parajet range includes the lightweight Maverick, the most popular Parajet Paramotor, the heavy duty V3, which can be fitted to the Falco Trike, and the versatile Zenith, which is designed to be easily broken down and transported. At SkySchool we only use and sell Vittorazi engines as they are the best! The Moster 185+ is suitable for medium to heavyweight pilots weighing between 80kgs and 130kgs, while the Atom 80 is suitable for lightweight pilots weighing between 50kgs and 80kgs. To discover more about the Parajet range click here. To see the prices visit the Paramotor Shop and for our discounted packages contact us.


Ozone's Roadster 3, available through SkySchool

SkySchool distributes Ozone and Niviuk Paragliders. Ozone are renowned for their high quality and Niviuk for their attention to small details. SkySchool uses the Ozone Spark 1 and 2 in the school. We recommend the Ozone Roadster 3 to beginner and intermediate pilots as it is very easy to launch and land, extremely stable in flight and has a good speed range due to the semi reflex shark nose technology, meaning you won't outgrow it quickly! To read up about the Ozone Roadster 3 click here. To see the prices visit the Paraglider Shop and for our discounted packages contact us.


SkySchool distributes a variety of Paramotoring and Paragliding Accessories including Microavionics and Icaro helmets with integrated headsets, Gin reserves, Ozone harnesses and a wide range of other paramotoring accessories. To see the prices visit the Accessories Shop and for our discounted packages contact us.

Paramotor Equipment FAQ's

Have a question about our Paramotoring Equipment? The answer should be here in the FAQ section below! If you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us.

What do Paragliders cost?
In the UK, a basic, beginner, non reflex Paraglider, such as an ozone Spark 2 for example, costs approximately 2,000 + VAT. A beginner/intermediate semi reflex wing, such as an Ozone Roadster 3 for example, costs approximately 2,600 ex VAT.
What is the safest Paraglider?
There currently is no single safest Paraglider on the market. However, there are some Paragliders that are more suitable for beginners and intermediates. At SkySchool, we use the Ozone Spark, which is a very easy glider to launch, fly and land. After training, we recommend qualified Pilots buy the Ozone Roadster 3 which is a faster and more dynamic glider. With its shark nose profile it is very easy to launch, even in nil wind, and the semi reflex system allows for a good speed range while making it very solid in flight. It is therefore the ideal glider for those who have recently completed their training.
What is the safest Paramotor?
There currently is no single safest Paramotor on the market as all Paramotors are inherently unsafe when handled incorrectly due to the spinning propeller. However, some Paramotors, such as the Parajet V3, are safer than others due to their robust frame. Never ever start the Paramotor on the ground and instead always start it on your back, as 70% of accidents take place when running the Paramotor on the ground. All of this is covered throughout the course.
Why are Paramotors so expensive?
Paramotoring is still in its infancy as a sport with only a few thousand Pilots flying them in the UK, which means there is not a mass market for the sport. Also a lot of money is spent on developing the correct engines, component parts, wings and accessories, with the majority of the money put back into R&D.
Do I need to buy Equipment before coming on a course and what clothing do I need?
You do not need to buy equipment before coming on a SkySchool Course. We provide all equipment as part of the course fee. This allows us to open up this fantastic sport to more people as opposed to only those who can afford to buy equipment first. It also allows people to 'Fly before they Buy'! When it comes to clothing, we recommend that you bring ankle supporting boots and clothes suitable for being outdoors. It can also be cold when flying, even in hot countries, so bring trousers, a jacket and some lightweight gloves.
How much does a Paramotor cost?
At SkySchool, we only use and sell Parajet Paramotors, fitted with Vittorazi engines, as we believe they are the best in the world. These cost between 5,000 and 6,000 inc VAT depending upon the type of Paramotor and Engine.

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