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UK Paramotoring Courses with SkySchool UK

SkySchool runs courses at Hinton in the Hedges Airfield in Northamptonshire, just off Junction 11 of the M40. We also run courses in Portugal and Spain. The 6 day beginner course is designed to get you flying solo and the 12 day course is designed to get you qualified as an APPI PPG Pilot. We suggest you sit the 6 day beginner course consecutively and then fragment the 2nd half of the 12 day course over days when the weather is suitable. This means you don't need to take a 2nd week off work! See below for the course fees, accommodation, travel and transport information. A discount is available for groups of two or more. To discover more or make a booking contact us.

Course Fees

  • 2 Day Maintenance Workshop - £245
  • 2 Day Paramotor Taster Course - £330

  • 6 Day Paramotor Course - £995 (Deposit £330)
  • 6 Day ParaTrike Course - £1,195 (Deposit £330)

  • 12 Day Paramotor Course - £1,595 (Deposit £330)
  • 12 Day ParaTrike Course - £1,795 (Deposit £330)

Paramotoring Courses in the UK with SkySchool UKThe Course fees include:

  • All kit, fuel and log books
  • Access to our Online Theory course

The Course fees do not include:

  • Accommodation and Food
  • Travel and Transport

To reserve your slot and place a deposit contact us


Camping or Campervans on the airfield cost £10 per night per person, which includes use of the showers and toilets, but there is no electrical hook up. Email Rachael to make a booking. The cheapest hotel option is the Travel Lodge at the M40 Bicester Services, which is 20 minutes from the airfield and starts at £25 a night. Other options are available on Airbnb and

Further Information

All UK courses start at 09:00 on a Saturday and end in the late afternoon/early evening depending upon the weather. During the day please bring appropriate footwear (ankle supporting boots are recommended), water, food, suncream and suitable outdoor clothing, including a jacket and trousers as it can get cold while flying. The nearest train station is Banbury, which is an affordable 15 minute taxi journey. For further information or to make a booking contact us.


What time of the year do the Paramotoring Courses run in the UK and why?

We run Paramotor Courses in the UK from May until September when the weather is usually at its best and most consistent.

What is the nearest Train station to the UK Paramotor Training site?

The nearest train station to the UK Paramotor Training site is Banbury, which is an hour’s journey from Marylebone, London. From there, you can take a 15 minute taxi to Shenington Airfield.

What happens if the weather is bad in the UK during my Paramotoring Course?

All lost Paramotor Training days stay in credit for up to 2 years to be used at a later date. At the end of the Paramotor Course, the SkySchool Team will confirm how many days you have in credit with us.

What are the benefits of Paramotor Training in the UK vs Overseas?

The only benefit of Paramotor Training in the UK is that you do not have to travel as far, especially for those who live locally, as this saves them the cost of Travel and Accommodation. The UK is a great place to learn the basics, meet the SkySchool Team and make the most of the weather when it allows us to fly! However, the UK climate can never be relied upon to provide consistent weather, hence why we suggest you sit the Intermediate course in Portugal.

Is Accommodation included in the Paramotor Course fee in the UK?

Accommodation is not included in the Paramotoring Course fee in the UK. There is the option to camp or to bring a campervan to Hinton in the Hedges airfield, which has some basic facilities including electricity, bathrooms and a kitchen. Alternatively, you can stay off site in a wide range B&B’s or hotels that can be found on AirBnB and

How many Paramotor flights can I expect to do on a 6 day Paramotoring Course in the UK?

The number of Paramotor Flights you can expect to do on a 6 day Paramotor Course in the UK is at least 1 solo flight.

When do the Paramotor Courses start and finish in the UK?

The UK Paramotor Courses start on a Saturday and finish on a Thursday. The Taster Courses only run over weekends. Friday is usually the Team's day off, however, when it’s flyable we usually take advantage of it as we love helping get our students flying! At the start of the course we meet at 09:00 and end around 17:00 however when it is flyable we meet early and finish later to take advantage of the best flying conditions.


Excellent training and good instructors that are passionate about the sport. Tom -

Excellent training and good instructors that are passionate about the sport. I did a week in the UK and in Portugal and would recommend both. Just be prepared for plans to change with the weather. Will be returning for the advanced training.

Published 18/10/21
I can't recommend them highly enough! Kris Hughes -

Having just come back from training with SkySchool at Hinton Airfield, after doing the first week of the beginners course, I can't recommend them highly enough! Zeb and Rushi, the instructors guided us thoroughly from the introduction of the wing, ground handling skills, theories, motor and to first solo flights! Huge respect for these guys, they explained things well and installed confidence before my first flight. Having a thorough pre flight brief and the instructor, Zeb, calmly in your ear during your flight is a great reassurance! I look forward to future flights and completing my licence. Also...being able to stay on site and use the camping facilities is a great bonus! Thanks guys, look forward to next year!

Published 04/10/21
I’m really glad that I decided to get my paramotor training at SkySchool at Hinton Airfield near Banbury Jimmy Rodger -

I’m really glad that I decided to get my paramotor training at SkySchool at Hinton Airfield near Banbury, Northamptonshire. I had to drive for 6 hours from Glasgow, driving past many other Paramotoring training centres, as after a long time reviewing, I decided that SkySchool was by far, the best and the most professional place to learn Paramotoring. From the first day meeting and greeting the instructors, staff and fellow students, and classroom training from the very beginning, it was fairly obvious that SkySchool had thought of everything with safety and security in mind. Without giving all their training secrets away, from learning the basic theory of flight, to equipment, to hands on training, I am so pleased to have selected SkySchool from the others, even though I drove past them all, on my journey south. But to experience the enthusiasm, professionalism and sheer dedication of all the SkySchool staff and instructors was absolutely magnificent. I had wanted to learn paramotoring for some time, but want more than just being taught how to get up in the air, I wanted to learn everything about flying and being safe to enjoy the sport. I was taught everything at SkySchool, the air laws, the basics, the equipment, the weather threats and of course the art of flying a paramotor confidently and safely. I cannot thank everyone at SkySchool enough for the time, and patience they showed me, and would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you, to Zebur, Ricardo, Pete, Rushi, Lotti, and Bruce and all of the SkySchool management for the perfect organisation and professionalism of my 12 days training. I will take my training to the sky’s for ever. Thank you all so much. Jimmy…

Published 20/09/21
I've had an amazing time learning to fly with SkySchool so far this summer Oscar Manville-Hales -
I've had an amazing time learning to fly with SkySchool so far this summer. The instructors have a great mix of humour and clear instruction, which makes each session thoroughly enjoyable! At the start I thought it would take ages before I got the call up for my first flight but thanks to Alex, Zeb and Ricardo's expertise and passion for paramotoring, they honed in on my ground handling skills and got me up in the air in no time. Having flown both at their UK base and with them on their SkyWeek out in Normandy last week, its been great to have the chance to fly at different locations, to get used to different conditions and to see different landscapes from the air. I can't recommend SkySchool highly enough. Their passion and energy is epic and the community that they have with past students who keep coming back year after year to fly with them on their SkyWeeks around the world is awesome!
Published 23/08/21
Amazing staff and amazing training Otti Miller -
Amazing staff and amazing training, I had the best 2 weeks flying in Oxfordshire and the UAE
Published 02/08/21
They make u feel like family best thing I have done to date Mike Swords -
Brilliant guys at sky school Hinton , the training is done in such a way u are at ease and confident to fly , they make u feel like family best thing I have done to date
Published 01/07/21
All great fun - I can only highly recommend this outfit. Oliver Vaughen -
I learnt to fly with SkySchool some years ago, my first week was in Wiltshire and then a monthlater in Spain for a couple of weeks at teh end of June. In August I joined a SkySchool adventure flying 1,000 kilometers up the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. A couple of years later I spent a week with SkyShool flying in the desserts in Oman - fantastic!! Since then I have flown on a number of occasions with Alex Ledger and Zebur Mercan in Monmouthshire and very recently in Oxfordshire. All great fun - I can only highly recommend this outfit. Have fun, fly safely and enjoy yourselves. Attached are videos of my first solo take-off and landing.
Published 01/06/21

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