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Paramotoring in Spain

Paramotoring is the most rapidly developing form of aviation. This is because of the simplicity and low cost of the sport but also due to the fact that it is extremely safe and enormously good fun! A Paramotor fits easily into the back of a standard car and allows almost anyone to fly without a license at a fraction of the cost compared to other aircraft. The most popular courses are the beginner and intermediate courses. To book a course now contact us.

Why Paramotor with SkySchool?

SkySchool is Europe's leading APPI PPG Paramotor training school and offers a variety of courses run by a small number of professional, passionate and fully qualified instructors. SkySchool provides all equipment allowing us to ensure the safety of the students through day to day equipment maintenance and the inclusion of reserve parachutes on all Paramotors. Courses take place 25 minutes form the Costa Brava coastline and just south of the Pyrenees in a beautiful part of north east Catalunya on a private airfield called Aerodromo Ordis. The aerodrome has two runways, en suite accommodation, a cafe, two hangers, a swimming pool and a church! To book a course now contact us.

SkySchool Paramotoring Courses in Spain

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