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We have teamed up with some great companies and organisations around the world, from World Champion skydivers to rally car manufacturers. We are open to any suggestions so if you think your website should be listed here drop us a line.

APPI - and

Babu on Everest with APPI LogoAPPI stands for the Association of Professional Paragliding Instructors and is a pioneering international organisation designed to qualify both students, tandem pilots and instructors. APPI started in Switzerland 3 years ago and has since spread to many countries around the world. SkySchool is a registered APPI Paragliding school and can therefore qualify students as APPI Pilots. APPI PPG is the Paramotoring side of APPI and is run by SkySchool MD Alex Ledger. APPI PPG provides an internationally recognised series of qualifications for students, tandem pilots and instructors. As the driving force behind APPI PPG it is SkySchool's responsibility to organise and run Instructor courses around the world in order to help the development of this exciting new organisation. Cost effective 3rd Party and Accident insurance is now available for all EU based APPI and APPI PPG qualified Pilots and Instructors.

Parajet -

Parajet is the UK's leading Paramotor manufacturing company. The company was established over 6 years ago and has since produced some of the most unique and formidable types of Paramotor on the market. Parajet recently manufactured the world's first Paramotor to fly up to Mt Everest and also played a key role in the E-Pac Electric Paramotor. Parajet also developed the Skycar which is a modified Rage dune buggy with a hybrid gear box capable of powering the wheels and propellers separately. The Skycar flies using using a ram air canopy, designed by Mike Campbell Jones from Paramania, and has recently completed an expedition from London to Timbuktu -

Babylon -

Babylon are the World's best Freefly Skydivers and the 2008 Freefly World Babylon Champions. Based at Empuriabrava, Spain, they provide expert instruction in all aspects of freeflying for those ranging from novice to experienced skydivers.

Bruno Brokken -

Bruno Brokken is arguably the world's leading Skydiving camera man. In his career, spanning over 20 years, he has captured some of the best skydiving images and footage, all of which can be viewed and purchased through his website.

Scientific Exploration Society -

The Scientific Exploration Society is a UK based charity founded in 1969 by Colonel John Blashford-Snell. They initiate a worldwide programme of scientific expeditions focusing on scientific, conservation, education and community aid projects. SkySchool sponsored an expedition to Bolivia in 2007 which made history as the first ever use of a Paramotor for a scientific purpose.

Paramania Powergliders -

Paramania challenges the boundaries of practical wing design and has produced arguably two of the best Powergliders on the market. The two Paramania wings, the Revolution and Action GT, are renowned for their extreme stability, giving pilots confidence yet retaining the dynamic feeling which makes paramotoring so enjoyable. For more information on these two fantastic products visit our Equipment section.

Niviuk Paragliders -

Niviuk have developed a wide range of Paragliding wings which have taken the world by storm. All wings are made using the best material and under stringent quality control standards. The finished products are gliders offering performance, high stability and superb well-balanced handling. The name Niviuk is derived from the Inuit saying: “Niviuk Nactuk”, which translated means: “Give attention to small details to make big things happen”. For more information about Niviuk's products visit our Equipment section.

Guy's Trust -

Guy’s family and friends established Guy’s Trust to honour his memory and support projects that reflect his interests, passions and personality. The Trust focuses on creating educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people in developing countries, especially those countries Guy had a special connection with.

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