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AFF Courses

AFF Level 1The AFF course, run from Empuriabrava in Spain, is by far the best and safest way to be introduced into the world of freefall. In this course you will learn not only how to control and fly your parachute but also how to control your body in freefall. With your instructors you will undergo extensive ground school and preparatory training to enable you to attain the learning objectives set out for each jump from 12.500ft in fantastic weather conditions. The AFF course is designed for those who wish to either take up the sport or simply have an experience of a lifetime and a sense of achievement. It courses consists of 8 jumps made up of one tandem and 7 solos. This is then followed by 10 consolidation jumps which allow the student to gain their 'A' license and thus become a qualified skydiver. These courses are available all year round at any time of the year, as are the accommodation options. To make a booking or to discuss the course contact us.

Course Prices

AFF Course Only: €POA (Enquire Now)

AFF and A License Course: €POA (Enquire Now)

Compulsory 3 Months Medical and 3rd Party Insurance: €POA (Enquire Now)

Course ProgrammeParachute Deployment

The AFF course is a seven-level program designed to teach you to become a skydiver. Together with 2 instructors, you will freefall for about 50 seconds from 12,500 feet. During one day of ground training you will learn all about your equipment, how to fly your body in freefall and your emergency drills.

When you are ready for Level 1 Accelerated Freefall (AFF), you will complete your first assisted solo skydive on your own parachute. This jump is made from 12,500 feet with two instructors. On the first 3 levels, two instructors will accompany you in freefall. The last 4 jumps only require one AFF instructor.

Your jumps will always be recorded by air-to-air video to allow the instructor to give you the most accurate post-jump debriefing of your performance. The descents are all controlled by radio link to an instructor on the ground, in order for you to learn to fly and land your parachute in all safety. On successful completion of the AFF course, you are presented with an achievement certificate, a log book and a DVD of your jumps. With this experience, you can then complete the necessary 10 consolidation jumps in order to acquire your A license which allows you to progress onto formation skydiving, freeflying and a whole lot more!

Your AFF course includes:AFF Skydiving Course in Spain

  • 1 day ground school training
  • 8 AFF jumps
  • Freefall Video of all AFF levels
  • Personalised instruction
  • Briefing and debriefing of each jump
  • Equipment rental
  • All lifts to altitude
  • Freefall supervision by 1 or 2 instructors
  • Radio communication under parachute
  • Instruction in basic canopy flight
  • Skydiving Log book

Formation Skydiving

Your Consolidation Jumps include:

  • All equipment rental and packing
  • All lifts to altitude


  • Minimum Age = 16 (need parents' consent under 18 years)
  • Max weight = 100 kg
  • Average level of fitness

AFF levels that need to be repeated if learning objectives are not achieved:

  • Cost: levels 1 to 3 = €POA
  • Cost: levels 4 to 7 = €POA
  • Solo jump: €POA
  • Gear hire: €POA

Frequently asked questions:

  • Where: Empuriabrava, north east Spain.
  • Transport: Girona Airport is well serviced by Ryan Air and transfers cost €35 each way. To arrange one contact us.
  • When: Seven days a week all year round.
  • What do I need: Shoes and comfortable clothing. Shorts and T Shirts for Summer and warm clothes for Winter.
  • Accommodation and Food: Available in Empuriabrava which can be arranged if you contact us.
  • Booking: To make a booking or to check availability contact us.


Empuriabrava is situated on the beautiful Costa Brava coastline in north east Catalunya, Spain. It is approximately 15 minutes from Figueres, the birth place of Salvador Dali, and only 60 minutes from Girona airport. The location is easily accessible both by air, road and rail. The AP-7 motorway runs straight past Figueres making the French border less than 30 minutes to the north and Barcelona 2 hours to the south. Girona Airport is less than 1 hour to the south and is a Ryan Air hub. There are plenty of cheap flights available from a wide range of locations around Europe. There are train and bus services from the airport to Figueres. For further information or to make a booking please contact us.

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