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Paragliding in MereSkySchool's UK courses take place in Mere, Wiltshire which is approximately 2 hours west of London. The A303 runs straight past Mere which makes it very easy to reach from all directions. The training takes place from various hills within 15 minutes from Mere. The nearest train station is Gillingham Dorset which is 10 minutes away. The daily meeting place is opposite the Co-Op in the centre of town from where we drive to the necessary training locations depending upon the wind direction. The surrounding countryside provides some of the most ideal training locations as well as a beautiful location in which to fly. Click here for a map.

Accommodation in Mere

The George Pub

Situated in the centre of town the George is a popular place to stay.

Tel: 01747 860427

Address: The Square, Mere, BA12 6DR

Castleton House

Also situated in the centre of town and run by some friend's of Alex's.

Tel: 01747 860446

Address: Castle Street, Mere BA12 6JE

Butt of Sherry

An old pub situated 2 minutes walk from the centre of town.

Tel: 01747 860352

Address: Castle Street, Mere, BA12 6JE

For further information or to book a course contact us.

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