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Taster Courses

Paramotoring in WiltshireParagliding and Paramotoring Taster courses are available in the UK in Mere, Wiltshire in the summer. The courses follow the APPI and APPI PPG syllabus and are designed for complete beginners who wish to experience the sports of Paramotoring and Paragliding. They offer a good insight into the sport and allow students to learn the basic skills required. During the Taster course the aim is get the student off the ground while flying a Paraglider, either under tow or from a hill, and if the weather allows, complete a tandem flight. The courses dates are available on the right hand side of the Beginners/Intermediates course page and the best days to book a Taster are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Weekends.


1 Day: £POA (Enquire Now)

2 Days: £POA (Enquire Now)APPI Logo

For further information please contact us.

Included in the Course: The course fee includes all kit hire, instruction, fuel and transport on site.

Not Included in the Course: It does not include accommodation, transport to the site, food, drink or accident insurance. For accommodation or further information see below and to book a course contact us.


SkySchool's UK courses take place in Mere, Wiltshire which is approximately 2 hours west of London. The A303 runs straight past Mere which makes it very easy to reach from all directions. The training takes place from various hills within 15 minutes from Mere. The nearest train station is Gillingham Dorset which is 10 minutes away. The daily meeting place is opposite the Co-Op in the centre of town from where we drive to the necessary training locations depending upon the wind direction. The surrounding countryside provides some of the most ideal training sites as well as a beautiful location in which to fly.

Accommodation in Mere

The George Pub is situated in the centre of town the George is a popular place to stay.

Address: The Square, Mere, BA12 6DR Tel: 01747 860427

Castleton House is also situated in the centre of town.

Address: Castle Street, Mere BA12 6JE Tel: 01747 860446

The Butt of Sherry is an old pub situated 2 minutes walk from the centre of town.

Address: Castle Street, Mere, BA12 6JE Tel: 01747 860352

APPI Course Training Syllabus

Open Sky Taster Course: Days 1 and 2

Paragliding in Mere, Wiltshire1. Introduction to APPI PPG, the Sport, the School and completion of all paperwork

2. Lecture 1: Theory of Flight

3. Introduction to the Wing and Harness

4. Untangling, folding and care of the Wing

5. Wearing the harness, clipping into the wing and 6 point checks

6. Forward and Reverse launch training

7. Ground Handling Training

8. Hand Towing Training no higher than 30ft

OPTIONAL: Student Training Flights in a Tandem Paramotor or Tandem Paraglider at any time during the course

OPTIONAL: Low hops from no higher than 250ft having completed the necessary training

9. Motor Safety Check List

10. Safe Starting Procedures with electric and/or pull start Paramotors

11. Wearing the motor and running it

12. Hang Tests, Adjustments, Reserve Practice Deployments and Pre Solo Flight Simulation

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You're currently viewing: Paramotor Taster Classes - SkySchool UK - Paramotor and paraglider taster classes from SkySchool UK are available in the UK in Mere, Wiltshire during the summer and the courses are designed for beginners