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Paragliding in Nepal

In March 2013 we are returning to Pokhara, Nepal. The location is ideal as it allows pilots to develop their skills in consistent weather; pilots can also sit an SIV course as well as go on Paragliding expeditions into the foothills of the Himalayas. SkySchool is registered with APPI and all pilots have the opportunity to attain certain APPI qualifications. This is a trip of a lifetime and something pilots will remember for the rest of their lives! To book or to learn more contact us.

Dates and Prices

Dates: 17th - 31st March 2013

To secure a slot on these dates you need to contact us and place a €60 deposit.

Personal Guiding in Pokhara: €60 a day (excludes transport and flying kit)

3 Day SIV Course in Pokhara: €300 (includes transport, instruction, radio and life vest but excludes flying kit)

2 Day Paragliding Expedition: €200 (includes transport, guidance, transport, radio, accommodation and food)

3 Day Paragliding Expedition: €300 (includes transport, guidance, transport, radio, accommodation and food)

Itinerary Example with Expedition and SIV Course

  • Friday - Depart the UK
  • Saturday - Arrive and stay in KathmaAPPI Logondu
  • Sunday - Arrive in Pokhara in the morning and have a leisure day, settle in, sleep, relax etc.
  • Monday - Briefing at 10.00am, tour of landing areas, ground handling, kit checks and an evening flight
  • Tuesday - Fly locally around Pokhara
  • Wednesday - Fly locally around Pokhara
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 3 day SIV course (€300)
  • Sunday - Day Off
  • Monday - Fly locally
  • Tuesday - Fly locally
  • Wednesday - Fly locally
  • Thursday and Friday - 2 day Paragliding Expedition (€200)
  • Saturday - Internal flight to Kathmandu and 1 night in Kathmandu
  • Sunday - Return flight to the UK

Estimated Extra Costs

International Return Flights from London Heathrow to Kathmandu via New Delhi cost between £500 and £750 with Jet Airways

Internal Flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara cost between €65 and €75 each way (SkySchool will organise these flights)

Tourist Tax on arrival is around €20 (Nepalese Rupees are only available in Nepal. You exchange euros and pounds in the airport)

Accommodation in Kathmandu costs €15 a night (SkySchool will organise this hotel)

Airport collection/drop off in Kathmandu costs €15 each way (SkySchool will organise this)

Accommodation in Pokhara costs €10 a night at the Crown Hotel (SkySchool will organise this hotel)

Airport collection/drop off in Pokhara costs €10 each way (SkySchool will organise this)

Food costs around €10 a day in Pokhara and €15 a day in Kathmandu. Beer is about €2 a pint.

Most of these extra costs are paid in either euros or Nepalese Rupees which are only available in Nepal. To make an enquiry or to book your slot please contact us.

site during the Paragliding Expedition in Nepal

Location and Accommodation Information

The main flying sites are near the town of Pokhara which is the Paragliding Mecca in Nepal. We suggest pilots arrive in Kathmandu on Saturday, spend one night there for €15 in a hotel organised by SkySchool and then catch a 45 minute flight to Pokhara on Sunday. In Pokhara all pilots will be accommodated in the Crown Hotel which is very well located at the edge of town nearby the lake. The en suite rooms are very comfortable and have wifi. There is the option of single or double beds at the very reasonable price of €10 a night. Breakfast is also available in the hotel and can be taken outside on the roof terrace. SkySchool will organise these rooms but if you have any further questions do contact us.

FlightsParagliding over lake Phewa, Nepal

Customers should aim to arrive in Kathmandu on a Saturday. After spending Saturday night in Kathmandu they should catch an internal flight on Sunday to Pokhara and at the end of the trip customers should take an internal flight back to Kathmandu on Saturday. They should spend another night in Kathmandu before catching a return flight home on Sunday. SkySchool recommends Jet Airways who not only fly from Heathrow to Delhi but also from Delhi to Kathmandu. Internal flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara cost approximately €75 each way per person and will be arranged by SkySchool. For further information on flights contact us.

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