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Flying for Heroes Teaser

A short teaser video of the Flying for Heroes 2014 expedition in Kenya made by Third Revolution Media

Date: 2014-10-23T10:19:54.000Z
Alex Ledger's Flying for Heroes Video Diary: Episode 5

The fifth and final Episode of the Flying for Heroes expedition in Kenya

Date: 2014-09-21T16:33:28.000Z
Alex Ledger's Flying for Heroes Video Diary: Episode 4

Episode 4 of the Flying for Heroes Expedition in the Rift Valley, Kenya

Date: 2014-09-05T20:48:04.000Z
Alex Ledger's Flying for Heroes Video Diary: Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Flying for Heroes expedition in Kenya

Date: 2014-09-05T06:32:19.000Z
Alex Ledger's Flying for Heroes Video Diary: Episode 2

Pre Expedition Prep at Orly Air Park before the start of the Flying for Heroes expedition

Date: 2014-08-28T18:48:36.000Z
Alex Ledger's Flying for Heroes Video Diary: Episode 1

Episode 1 of the Flying for Heroes Expedition in Kenya

Date: 2014-08-25T09:50:45.000Z
Commemoration of the Centenary to the start of WW1

This commemoration of the Centenary to the start of WW1 was filmed at the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing in the Somme region of France on the 3rd of August 2014

Date: 2014-11-14T19:01:49.000Z
Infinity Tumbling over Lake Garda

SkySchool MD Alex Ledger developing his Acro Paragliding skills over Lake Garda, Italy thanks to the guidance of 2011 World Champion Pal Takats.

Date: 2014-11-12T11:29:52.000Z
Extreme NekNominate

Jon Beswick and Alex Ledger doing an Extreme Neck and Nominate! All stunts were carried out by trained professionals who were NOT under the influence of alcohol. Do not attempt this at home!

Date: 2014-10-24T12:13:50.000Z
Good, Bad and Ugly 2013

This video is about Good, Bad and Ugly Paramotor Flights

Date: 2014-10-21T13:48:44.000Z
Pal Takats' first Paramotor Flight in 2 years

Pal Takats with SkySchool practising for a demo flight while flying a Parajet at Lake Garda, Italy.

Date: 2014-03-15T04:49:12.000Z
Paramotor WW1 Battlefield Tour to Ypres, The Somme and Verdun

In September 2011 Alex Ledger and Rob Furnival spent four days visiting the First World War Battlefields by Car, by Foot and by Paramotor. Alex was fortunate enough to fly over the many cemeteries and memorials at both Ypres and The Somme. The footage and pictures captured speak for themselves.

Date: 2014-11-12T18:28:31.000Z
The Ups and Downs of the SkyCar Expedition on Channel 4

Some of the best bits from the Parajet SkyCar documentary as seen on Channel 4.

Date: 2014-10-17T13:55:56.000Z
The Parajet SkyCar's First Flight

The SkyCar's first flight up to 1000ft took place from SkySchool's HQ at Aerodromo Ordis in Spain on January 22nd 2009.

Date: 2014-08-13T19:01:08.000Z
Tunisia McRae Enduro 2008

A video by Dean Eldridge of the McRae Enduro being tested in the Sahara Desert.

Date: 2014-11-10T23:59:01.000Z
Tunisia Rage 2008

Short video by Dean Eldridge of the McRae Enduro team testing the new McRage buggy in the Sarah Desert

Date: 2014-11-09T23:10:16.000Z
The BASET Jump

Aldo Comas doing the first BASET Jump from the SkySchool Trike at Aerodromo Ordis in Spain. BASET jumping is a new activity coined after so many people winged and whined about it not being a BASE jump so we added Trike to the repertoire!

Date: 2013-12-31T02:27:14.000Z
McRae Enduro Baja Espana Trials July 2008

In July 2008 the McRae Enduro rally car team visited SkySchool Spain in order to do some speed tests and aerial filming prior to the Baja Espana.

Date: 2014-10-30T09:49:55.000Z
SkySchool Emotion

Learn to Paramotor and Skydive with SkySchool in Spain.

Date: 2014-11-06T07:03:11.000Z
Bear Grylls Mission Everest

Bear Grylls Mission Everest

Date: 2014-09-22T17:09:08.000Z
SkySchool's Fantastic Flying Machines

A fun film of the 'ups and downs' of SkySchool's trip to France and Spain in June 2007:

Date: 2014-01-27T06:05:00.000Z
SkySchool Elevation Video

SkySchool Flight Centre's 'Elevation' video made in Spain and France in 2007:

Date: 2014-11-11T13:48:53.000Z
Preview Film to Everest Mission

Giles Cardozo and Bear Grylls Mission Everest promotion Video.

Date: 2014-11-19T13:31:32.000Z
SkySchool and Parajet Paramotor Discovery Video

Alex Ledger, representing SkySchool and Giles Cardozo, representing Parajet, on Discovery Real Time in 2006, filmed near Plymouth in Devon, UK.

Date: 2014-09-22T17:22:39.000Z
A downwind landing with style!

A clip of Harry doing a downwind landing on gravelled tarmac in Beas de Segura, Spain!

Date: 2014-01-25T21:04:13.000Z
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