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Paramotor EquipmentSkySchool is an official distributor for Parajet, Ozone and Niviuk, as well as the official Parajet Training school. SkySchool provides some of the best equipment on the market as well as high quality training, to allow the customer to become fully accustomed with their equipment, ensure their safety and maximise their flying experience.

SkySchool Training and Equipment Package

SkySchool offers a competitive Equipment and Training package. To discuss equipment and training packages or to receive a quote contact us.


Parajet, based in Mere, Wiltshire produces a wide range of Paramotors that suit all types of pilot. All Parajet Paramotors are fitted with low hang point harnesses, making them exceptionally comfortable and easy to fly whilst making the wing more stable yet allowing the pilot to be as dynamic as they want. The V2 and Zenith range are the latest in Paramotor design and can be fitted with a variety of different engines. To discover more contact us.

Paragliding Equipment from SkySchool UK


Ozone are one of the biggest and best manufacturers of Paragliders in the world, renowned for their high quality and attention to detail. SkySchool is an official distributor for Ozone's Paramotor wings which range from the Spark and Roadster for beginners and intermediates, to the Speedster and Viper 2 for intermediates and advanced. SkySchool uses the Ozone Spark in the school and normally recommends the Ozone Roadster to students once they have completed their training. For further information or to receive a quote contact us.

NiviukParamotor Equipment

Niviuk have developed a wide range of Paragliding wings which have taken the world by storm. All wings are made using the best material and under stringent quality control standards. The finished products are gliders offering performance, high stability and superb well-balanced handling. The name Niviuk is derived from the Inuit saying: “Niviuk Nactuk”, which translated means: “Give attention to small details to make big things happen”. The ideal hybrid Paramotoring/Paragliding wing is the Nivuk Hook 3; a recreational, sporty and fun-to-fly wing which, with it’s high level of safety, inspires confidence in it's pilots. For further information or to receive a quote contact us.


SkySchool distributes a wide variety of accessories for both Paramotor pilots and Paraglider pilots. These include helmets, headsets, harnesses, reserves, varios and more. For further information or to receive a quote contact us.

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