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Pointe du HocSkySchool MD Alex Ledger is an avid Military Historian and enjoys nothing more than using his Paramotor to visit and explore various battlefields. In 2010 he flew from Omaha Beach to Utah Beach in Normandy and in 2011 he flew along the Somme Battlefields. Both flights were truly epic and gave him a completely unique perspective of these historic locations. We now offer a similar experience to fellow Paramotor pilots by running Battlefield Tours to the D-Day Beaches and the Somme Battlefields in France. The aim is to fly over as many sites as possible, weather permitting, and if not visit them by foot. View the videos of Alex's trip to The Somme in 2011 and the D-Day Trip in 2013. For further information about these trips please contact us.

Accommodation, Transport and Further Information

Paramotoring over The Somme Battlefields

All fuel and oil costs are the responsibility of each pilot however SkySchool will supply fuel cans to those renting our kit. Pilots driving over for the D-Day Trip should take the ferry to either Caen, Le Harve, Ouistreham or St Malo. Pilots driving over for the Somme Trip should either take the Eurostar or the ferry to Calais, Dieppe or Dunkirk. We can can link pilots together who wish to lower their costs by sharing a vehicle. Accommodation will be in various camp sites so we suggest you bring a tent and sleeping bag. To make the most of this unique experience we suggest you organise a group and bring your own equipment. To learn more contact us.

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