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Babu and Lakpa Paragliding over Mt EverestOn July 7th 2013 Sano Babu Sunwar and Alex Ledger will be competing in the Red Bull X Alps, which is one of the toughest multi sport events in the world. On May 21st 2011, Babu launched a tandem paraglider from the summit of Mount Everest with his guide Lakpa and in doing so they became the first people ever to do so. For this amazing feat they were awarded the National Geographic 2012 Adventurers of the Year Award and Babu has now been invited to compete in the Red Bull X Alps. The Red Bull X Alps, which takes place every 2 years, is a grueling race in which 30 athletes must paraglide, run or walk more than 900kms in less than 10 days from Salzburg to Monaco. The first athlete to Monaco is the winner! To support Babu's Red Bull X Alps challenge follow us on Facebook.

The Event

Babu on Mt Everest

The next Red Bull X Alps will start on 7th July 2013 and will consist of 31 two man teams, made up of one competitor and one supporter. Babu will be supported by SkySchool's MD Alex Ledger who will be responsible for providing Babu with the necessary support he needs during the race, from logistics and flying advice, to food and somewhere to sleep. During the race Babu will have to paraglide, run or walk with all of his flying equipment from Salzberg in Austria, to Monaco on the Mediterranean coast, a distance of more than 850km. Each day the competitor in last place is eliminated and the race ends 48 hours after the first competitor arrives at the finish in Monaco. The race is followed online by more than 1.5 million people each day and is broadcast around the world on various national international television channels.


The Red Bull X Alps is broadcast live over the internet and has a daily audience of 1.5 million people during the race. There are also many national and international TV companies which document the event. Sponsors can therefore benefit by the enormous exposure the event creates. To take part in this event we need to raise sponsorship. There is the possibility for sponsors to have their logo on the wing, clothing and vehicle which will be broadcast to more than 2 million people a day! Those interested in becoming an official sponsor for this event should contact Alex Ledger.

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