Flying Expeditions

Flying Expeditions

Dean Eldridge in BoliviaSkySchool is at the forefront of developing the use of Paramotors and Paragliders for practical purposes, as well as combing them with other exciting activities. In the past we have used the Paramotor for aerial filming on overland trips and the Paraglider to descend mountains having summited them.

SkySchool's first involvement in expeditions was with John Blashford Snell and the Scientific Exploration Society on the Bolivia expedition in 2007. During the expedition Dean Eldridge became the first person to use a Paramotor for a scientific purpose. Then in 2009 we were involved in the SkyCar Expedition, where Neil Laughton became the first man to pilot a flying car across the Gibraltar Straits. In 2014 we founded Flying for Heroes and then led the flying aspect of the expedition in Kenya.

We are always keen to hear from those who are interested in using out expertise as Paramotor and Paraglider Pilots and Instructors, be it for aerial filming and photography or reconnaissance, transportation or more. Therefore if you have any ideas or questions do contact us.

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