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SkySchool Flight Centre

SkySchool is a British Adventure Sports company and Europe's leading Paramotor school. The SkySchool Team, led by British Adventurer Alex Ledger, consists of a small group of instructors who are passionate about flying Paragliders, Paramotors and ParaTrikes. As the founders of APPI PPG and Flying for Heroes, as well as the official Icarus Trophy training team, SkySchool is constantly involved in the evolution and devlopment of these sports. We offer both group and private courses, as well as competitive Equipment packages. To discuss booking a course or ordering kit contact us.

Cayle Royce MBE supported by SkySchool and Help for Heroes


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SkySchool Provide the following:

Paramotoring courses in Spain

Paramotor Courses in Spain

SkySchool runs 6 and 12 Day Paramotor courses in North East Spain in May, June, September and October

Paramotoring in the UK

Paramotor Courses in the UK

SkySchool runs Taster Courses, as well as 6 and 12 Day Paramotor courses in Wiltshire in April, July and August

Paragliding in Chamonix

Paragliding Courses in France

SkySchool runs 5 and 10 Day Paragliding courses in Chamonix, France in May, June and September

APPI PPG Instructor Courses

APPI PPG Workshops Worldwide

SkySchool runs APPI PPG Instructor Workshops throughout the year around the World

Flying for Heroes Expedition - Endex

Adventures around the World

SkySchool organises and runs a variety of Adventures and Expeditions around the World

Paramotoring Equipment Distribution

Equipment Distribution Worldwide

SkySchool distributes Paramotoring and Paragliding Equipment around the World